Skin Cancer Research for Truckers


A call on interested parties to initiate research on the chances of Britain’s lorry drivers being at risk from skin cancer from sun shining on their windscreens has been made by the management team at The Chippenham Pit Stop in Wiltshire.

The Pit Stop Crew, who serve around 300 truckers a day from all over the UK and Europe, have been running a series of health campaigns focused on conditions to which their customers may be particularly vulnerable.

They chose skin cancer as their topic for the summer but then discovered that while UV rays can still penetrate closed windows, no study appeared to have been done on the effect this could be having on truckers

Company Health Campaigns Coordinator Lisa Hatherell said it was highly likely that the nation’s lorry drivers were completely unaware of the possible potential health hazard.

“In reality, the risks are probably extremely small but it could be really helpful if some research could be done on just how many of the nation’s 50,000 plus truckers have contracted this potentially fatal disease,” she said.

Meanwhile in a bid to limit the risk of skin cancer for their customers in a more conventional way, the Chippenham Pit Stop, just off junction 17 of the M4 in Wiltshire are now selling sun visors for cars and trucks, sun glasses and sun cream.

They are also providing information leaflets and posters.

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