About Us

Welcome to the New Look SCaRF web-site – please take a little time to explore the site and feel free to contact me with any comments and any ideas about the sort of thing that you would like to see on this site.  We hope that this site will evolve over time and reflect the interests and activities of our supporters.

The Skin Cancer Research Fund, founded 1979, is now  based at Southmead  Hospital, Bristol, UK.  After many years at Frenchay Hospital the move to Southmead was completed on 11 May 2015 and is located in the Pines and Steps Building.  After just over a year in temporary accommodation at Frenchay as the former hospital gradually transformed into a building site it is nice to be settled into a new home

Frenchay Hospital was a major centre for the treatment of skin cancer, particularly malignant melanoma for which it had a national and international reputation. This reputation, along with the complete Plastic Surgery facilities, transferred to the new Southmead Hospital in May 2014, where all the work continues as before.

SCaRF, which is a charity, was founded in 1979 by two individuals, one of whom, Tony Hancock had lost his wife from malignant melanoma  and the other was Denis Bodenham FRCS the Consultant Plastic Surgeon who had treated her. The object was, and still  is, to raise money for  research into the causes, prevention and treatment of skin cancer, especially melanoma and to raise awareness of the condition.   The charity has now spent over £1,000,000 on research and some of the resulting research publications have helped change the way the disease is managed, such as in pregnant women who develop the disease during pregnancy.   Some more recent projects are at the leading edge of research into much improved treatments for melanoma.  Until recently treatment choices for  metastatic melanoma (disease that had spread from its original site) was limited and often ineffective.  Drugs have been developed in recent years that have significantly improved the prospects of patients with a particular gene mutation present in their particular melanoma.  Unfortunately over time further gene mutation renders the new drug ineffective but there are projects now underway looking at how the body’s own natural defenses can be used to overcome this problem.  Although we are still a long way off from finding a cure for or total prevention of malignant melanoma for the first time in a long time clinicians are optimistic that more effective and less toxic treatments are becoming available for some forms of malignant melanoma.

The charity relies solely on voluntary donations for its income and our many supporters find varied and ingenious ways to raise funds for our research fund.  The Trustees of SCaRF are extremely grateful to all our supporters and fund-raisers for their exploits from sky diving to coffee mornings, cycling running and swimming challenges and even a sponsored hair cut! (much needed from the look of the photographs).  These fund-raising activities are often managed by the individual fund-raiser setting up a sponsorship  page  on a donation web-site such as justgiving.com, virgin moneygiving or BTMydonate.

Aims and Objectives of SCaRF

The aims and Objectives of the charity have not changed since its foundation in 1979 all activities undertaken in the name of SCaRF must fall within the stated Aims and Objectives which are :-

To promote research into the causes, prevention and treatment of skin cancer generally and malignant melanoma in particular, and to publish the results of such research and thus to help cut significantly the number of new cases of skin cancer each year in the United Kingdom and as a result to significantly reduce the number of deaths from the disease.

To assist in developing a nation-wide educational programme to raise awareness of the problem of skin cancer